Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great Run

I just got finished with a great 35 minute run. It was amazing. No stops. I don't know how far I went because (thank you 100 degree weather) I used the same semi-broken treadmill as yesterday.
After the treadmill I took a much needed shower that lasted about as long as the run. No kidding. Kayleigh (my roommate) was even worried I had fallen or something. Oops.
Then (in my robe) I cleaned the oven. I dried my hair when it was about eighty percent dry already (wet enough that I can still keep it from being frizzy, but dry enough that I don't need to fry my hair with too much heat. Tip from my stylist), and then went to get dressed. Turns out, I had one more bra clean. Yikes. I needed to do some laundry. I went down to the machines in the apartment, but they were all full. Looks like I'll be doing some late night laundry. Fantastic.

Does seeing other people eat hurt your diet? I know that whenever I see my roommate eat, no matter how full I am, and even if she's just eating something I would not normally go for, I want it. All I can think about is food and my jealousy that she is eating it. Sometimes I let myself eat what someone else is eating, even if I'm not hungry, which is even worse. Is this some kind of an emotional problem I'm alone in?


  1. Honey, unless you have ingested a ton of salt over the entire length of your post, I highly doubt that you are running the way you are saying-your pictures of your arms/hands say a thousand words. I completly understand your idea behind your blog, but you HAVE TO BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF-FIRST AND FOREMOST before you can decide to 'share' your life with the world. People are cruel. Especially on these stupid blogs. Emotional eating is the worst. I would advise at your age to get involved elsewhere, out of the internet. It will pull you in to a box that will isolate you even more and cause more distruction to something you want to correct. Get out and ENJOY life; the sunshine, laughter. Friends-they don't exist on here, I promise you. You are just starting a great journey in your life-embrace it! Don't be afraid and know that you are IMPORTANT in the lives of the people that know you in your REAL LIFE. TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT ON LINE AND BLOGGING IS NOT THE ANSWER. I do wish you all the best in everything you will accomplish and that will be many things!

  2. Hey Tracy,
    I appreciate your concern, but I started this blog to help hold myself accountable for my emotional eating, so I realize that any criticism I get is not unwarranted. Knowing this, if people decide to say cruel things, I am ok with this.
    That being said, I do unfortunately have very large hands. I've actually gotten over my very chubby fingers. However, I am well within the healthy range for my height technically (i'm 5 foot 6 and weigh 140 pounds) but I am a lot happier at a lighter weight. A few weeks ago, however, I weighed 125 pounds, no lie, and emotional ate my way to 140 in a very unhealthy way considering the short time period (mostly by stress eating, finals took their toll).
    Anyway, I appreciate your comments but I am not lying about my exercise or eating habits on this blog. I would post pictures to prove it, but I'm not sure I feel comfortable with that quite yet.
    Take care.