Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So I have a couple of questions:
First of all, is granite or gravel bad for running? My track has granite and I wanted to know if it is hard on joints. I ask this because during the run I felt my knees give a bit, but this could just be my own problems (I have the same problem when I do squats and that is zero impact).
Second, I am considering booking an appointment with a nutritionist. My insurance, unfortunately, will not cover it, but I think it may be worth it. Thoughts?

Finally, I have a confession to make. Today I stayed away from aspartame, but unfortunately I finished off a very large pitcher of iced tea I made that I sweetened heavily with Splenda. However, it is gone now and tomorrow I switch to Stevia sweetened iced tea. The goal is to drink this without sweeteners (which I do at restaurants since I don't drink calories, but at home it seems unappealing).

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