Saturday, May 30, 2009

By the time I was going to start my run, it was extremely hot outside.
Instead of dehydrating myself like a flax chip, I used the treadmill in out building.
I ran for 20 minutes, but I am not sure how far I ran (the treadmill is broken, so it does not show the time, millage etc, yet the belt still runs).
I enjoyed this run and it was a nice change being inside in a better temperature, but I did get bored without the scenery. Putting off my workout until this late was not such a great idea - I spent half of the day in a terrible, self hating and quick tempered mood, but then exercised and felt so much better. I really need to do my runs first thing.

After the run I had a handful of raw sunflower seeds:
And a large serving of organic raw "Kale Krisps"

These were absolutely amazing. It was great because this is from a local cafe called Daily Juice (the first organic raw food restaurant in Austin, TX which they just opened not too far from the apartment), but if you don't live in Austin, you can order it online or probably make it yourself. It was just dehydrated kale with sea salt, red bell peppers, and cashews.

Then, I finished off the last fourth of the raw cake I made yesterday. Also, yesterday when we had Mexican, to stop myself from eating chips I tried Gena (from the fitnessista)'s trick of eating the salsa by itself. I am hooked, and even asked for extra salsa to take home yesterday.
Well, I finished of about half a cup of pico degallo, and half a cup of green salsa. It was tastey, but now my mouth is burning.

Compared to yesterday, I would say I did quite well today. Tonight for dinner I will have grilled vegetable kabobs.

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