Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Start?

This morning I woke up and stepped on the scale (bad news). Immediately I went over to the kitchen and grabbed:

Three "Matter of Flax" Raw Organic Flax Chips

A handful of raw organic almonds:

A piece of "Genesis" (Food for Life) bread with 2 tablespoons of hummus:
Later I had a fourth of a cup of frozen organic blueberries (from Costco - I am so happy they are starting to carry such a good organic selection).
Then I had half of my favorite larabar:

I absolutely love the way Larabars taste, but I have to wonder if the cost and the high calories with low nutrients make them worth it. They are great (I think) to stop a sweet craving, for dessert, or in case of emergencies (like if you're at a party, haven't eaten all day and the desserts keep looking better) but I'm wondering if for a snack they are great.
Of course they taste absolutely amazing and I love that there is no sugar or preservatives, but I wish that maybe there were some that were organic and had more nutrition.

Speaking of no nutrition...
Starbucks. Everyone at work is drinking some kind of Starbucks or Seattle's Best. Since I don't drink calories (although I am planning on changing that with my upcoming green monster experiment) I always get black coffee, which I honestly cannot stand. What do you get from Starbucks?

On a side note my roomate just asked me if I was wearing blue lipstick. Confused, I went to the mirror. It seems that the blueberries have died my lips purple! I have class in about an hour so let's hope I can get the blue off by then!

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