Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hi everybody!
So just to give some background my name is Phoebe and I have been reading food blogs for a few months now. I turned 21 a few months back, and am currently in college. I think that they have really helped me with my eating and body issues, so I wanted to start a blogs because I wanted to be more connected to all of you.
I have been a vegetarian for 9 years. I eat a lot of raw food and I am trying to eat more. I am also trying to become a vegan, and I eat organic as much as possible.
I used to be an avid runner, but then I twisted my ankle and my doctor told me to stay off of it for a couple of months (it was a bad twist). When I got back on my feet, I tried to start running again, but it was cold (I lived in Vermont) and so I was confined to a treadmill. I don't mind running on treadmills, but I made the mistake of never varying my workouts and got bored.
Today, I am training for a marathon (as of about 2 weeks actually). I have very little endurance as of yet, but the marathon is a ways away so with the schedules I have found online I should be alright. Also, I am trying to run outside and do cross training so that I look forward to workouts instead of dreading boredom.
My biggest struggle will be keeping up with my workouts and cleaning up my eating as I can (especially eliminating the aspartame I tend to drown myself in).
So without further ado, enjoy my first post!
I woke up feeling not so hot today because despite moderating my eating and exercising, I gained a pound (I know the simple solution is to get rid of the scale, but "my name is Phoebe and I am a scale addict").
So I proceeded to eat away my emotions. The good thing is that I have no unhealthy food in the apartment, so the damage was not terrible. I had:

Raw organic almonds (I did not keep track of the amount but I would guess a handful):

Leftover Broccoli Sauteed in Teryaki Sauce:

These amazing "Matter of Flax" raw organic flax seed "chips". I'm addicted. And some of them with hummus (Sabra Mediterranean, probably not the healthiest I could do but it tastes so good). I had about 7ish "crisps" slathered in hummus, as well as some almonds dipped in hummus (which I love).

Then I had a piece of genesis bread with more hummus.

This kept me full for a while (until I had some organic popcorn from the popcorn maker. I did not take a picture of this, and I had about 3 cups, but I did not add salt, butter oil or anything else.

All of that kept me full for a while, and then I felt snacky again and decided to have a few organic raspberries, but just a few due to expense. Of course, I proceeded to demolish the entire package.

Also unpictured, I had some half popped corn kernels from whole foods. Actually a lot of corn kernels. And a cashew cookie Larabar.

Then it was workout time.
I went jogging for fourty minutes, but due to breaks I only jogged about 3 miles. I am so out of shape now, but I will get better.
Then I went to an hour long cycling class. It was great - I love cross training! I could really feel the burn in some muscles. I would definitely call today's workout a success and I feel great right now!

I came home and had about a cup of whole wheat organic pasta with 1.5 tbs of nutritional yeast. I of course forgot to take a picture of this as well.

later, I had two pieces of this organic dried mango from the bulk section in whole foods.

So that just about wraps up my day. If any experienced bloggers read this and have suggestions on blogging, I would so greatly appreciate it!
Also, how do you all keep from binge and emotional eating? Unless I force myself to leave and start exercising, I can't seem to stop myself.


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