Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I love running

So I am absolutely terrible at running right now.
My time is probably around 8 or 9 minutes per mile.
My form goes away about 2 minutes into a run.
I didn't bring my ipod when I went running.
I ran in the heat of the day.

Somehow, I left feeling absolutely amazing and completely in love with running. I honestly don't care how slow I was going. It hurts that I had to stop a few times. I told myself I stopped because I needed water and it was hot, but don't think that that was really the case at all.
I don't have a heart rate monitor (yet) or pedometer so I couldn't tell you exactly how far I went, but the course is about 0.9 miles around so I think I am in the 3 mile range. A decent workout, that is if I didn't stop. Getting back into shape is so frustrating!

Following my workout, I had a little snack:
Organic green raisins. They were amazing and refreshing. I cannot wait to try these frozen (I have never had frozen green grapes, I am more of a red grape kind of girl, if it's vegan and organic I'll take it).

I am off to class now! In a week my summer classes start - I am so excited!

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