Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Training for a Half Marathon

So I decided a few months ago that I wanted to train for a half marathon.
Basically, I felt so good after running one day that I thought to myself "what if I had a reason to keep pushing myself".
At first I thought it was outlandish, but I had just discovered food/exercise blogs and realized that normal people who love running can do these.
Now, I am completely committed. However, I must admit I have no idea what I am doing.
Today, I stuck with the thirty minute treadmill run, but I increased my speed a bit. Tomorrow, I plan to maintain the speed increase, but push for a 45 minute run. Right now, I feel excited to run (I'm getting that post run craving, anyone else get that? When about an hour or so after you run all you can think about is putting your running shoes back on and starting? A few months ago I would have never pictured myself saying this, but I cannot wait until tomorrow's run.)

I was thinking back to my high school track days. I was much faster and had much more endurance back then, but for some reason, despite this, I hated running. I hated being told how far, how fast, how much, or how I needed to run. Each day I dreaded changing into my running clothes. I was good enough for high school track, and my coach told me that with just a little more commitment I could probably run in college, but I didn't want to do that. I counted the days until high school track would end, and four years of college track? Not happening.

Now I love running. As I was listening to a podcast by Dr. Andrew Weil (his website is, you may recognize him from these raw food bars they sell some places) on my run, he mentioned that when he got older he stopped running because it is so harsh on joints. I considered this and it legitimately scares me that I might have to give up running when I'm older. I think the fact that I don't feel like I need to run is why I like it now. In high school, I had to run for a. a sports credit, b. to get into college, and c. to lose weight. Now I'm running mostly because of the endorphins and how great it feels (and a little bit to lose weight).

I'm writing this to justify why I want to run a half marathon. Some day, I hope to do a full one but I'm going to start with the half. Anyway, if anyone with experience training for or running a marathon (or who would like to) has any advice, it would be much appreciated! I really hope to make this goal possible!

And as far as my eating today, the camera is still giving me problems, but today I had:
A handful of almonds
1 tbs peanut butter
air popped popcorn (today I added 1 tbs EVOO)
freeze dried apples
freeze dried bananas
cashew cookie larabar

Hi, my name is Phoebe and I am a Larabar addict. Ironic how I gave up a sugar addiction for a date addiction. I guess it's like switching coffee for alcohol - not great but an improvement.

I have sort of planned out what I'm going to eat tomorrow. The plan is to have my first breakfast cookie (a la Gena) and then some Amy's organic tomato soup for lunch, then a banana with almond butter (I just picked up some fabulous organic bananas from my new love the food coop) and a homemade black bean burger for dinner or some spiralized squash spaghetti with nutritional yeast. Ambitious day for me considering my laziness when it comes to food. On Friday I am hitting up the Farmers' Market to get rid of my lame excuses for never having tried a Green Monster (last weekend it was the blender was dirty, then it was that I have no smoothie-friendly veggies) so be prepared.

And tonight I'm going to another Zumba class. My gym started offering these a year ago and I've gone to a few. They are much fun but it's embarrassing how bad I am at Zumba, or any kind of dancing for that matter.

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