Monday, June 1, 2009

Grocer Love

Costco Rant (feel free to skip)
I'm officially having a love affair with an older, less fashionable grocery store as of today (sorry Whole Foods). I feel like a forty year old saying this, but I love Costco.
That being said, I feel the need to add that if something is vegan, organic, and relatively cheap (i.e. I can buy it on sale or in bulk) I am almost always going to buy it (for example when I stocked up on 3 six packs of zevia yesterday, which I had never even tried before then, just because they were on sale).
But basically, for a while I have known I can buy huge containers of organic spinach, organic apples, organic raisins, frozen blueberries peaches and blackberries and now hummus (review coming up, be prepared). I also knew that they are green-ish (by selling in bulk [saves on packaging] and reusing shipping boxes instead of using bags) and that they pay and treat their workers fairly.
This is not to say that I could ever replace Whole Foods, but Costco has risen to #2. Never again will I be seen at a Randalls (the Southern version of Safeway).
[end of rant]

Speaking of Randalls, the last time I went in there (2 weeks ago) I realized I had left my green bags in my car, and asked the person monitor the self check out if I could leave my basket by her for five minutes to go retrieve the bags. She looked to be about my age, and when I told her that she actually told me that she thought green bags are worthless. For real. I thought that college kids, in Austin, Texas nonetheless, are supposed to all be pro-environment. She continued to say that I should just use a plastic bag. I told her that I am trying to limit my waste, and she replied "you can just recycle them, they make them into more green bags anyway." This is when I just left and contemplated not even buying the groceries. If you don't care about the environment, fine, but don't try to convince other people not to care either. Another thing I love about Whole Foods - they don't even have plastic bags. Thank goodness someone cares.

Do you have any thoughts about organic vs. conventional? I understand that cost is a big issue (all of my friends are baffeled at my grocery bill and the fact that I have to do lower end shopping to make up for it [I don't mind shopping at Target, but I have friends who would hate to step foot into there]).

Now for the food:
I had taken a bunch of pictures, but for some reason they won't load onto my computer. I will try again tomorrow, but for now I'll just make a boring list.

I began my day with a coconut larabar (a good start makes a good day). later I had 2 cashew cookie larabars (no kidding - this was not planned)
1/2 cup vegan ice cream (I couldn't refuse)
2 "crisps" packages of freeze dried fruit
piece of ezikeil
handful of almonds
1/3 a cup of the corn kernals from whole foods
frozen organic blueberries
organic raspberries
popcorn (air popped)
hummus with flax seed chips

I had a great run today of 30 minutes. I cannot tell you how great running makes me feel.


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