Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ode to Larabar (product review, although if you haven't had these before you probably live under a rock)

If you haven't noticed by now, I have an obsession with addiction to Larabars.
If you're not weirded out yet, you will be.
Here is my Larabar cabinet. Yes, I have a Larabar cabinet. Is that weird?
Beauty shot:
They look so beautiful.
My favorite kind is Key Lime Pie. They remind me of the real thing, but all natural and healthy:
Another favorite of mine is also the coconut cream pie flavor. I have been known to drive across town to Whole Foods to get these as they are the only ones I have found who carry them.
I keep these all around my house. Par example, this half of a cherry pie Larabar that is being saved for later:
And this half of a Cashew Cookie Larabar that is hiding out in a drawer:
This apple pie one that resides in my purse:
And lets not for get the one I keep at work.
These are so filling, and naturally sweet. My addiction started when I decided to virtually give up all kinds of sugars and syrups.
Here's something really sad. Did you ever used to play Jumbling Tower as a kid? The game where you stack up blocks to make a tower and then take turns taking one block out from the tower and placing it on top?

Well, I think when you can do that with Larabars, you have a problem.
We only got through one round with the bars.

Unfortunately, I have never actually tried the Peanut Butter Cookie one, since they don't sell them anywhere near where I live that I know of. It's probably for the better though - given my love of peanuts, discovering a peanut Larabar would be deadly.
I carry these with me so that if someone shows up with a dessert, I am not tempted to eat it and just have one of these instead. These also fuel me for my workouts wonderfully. They are vegan and natural, score! They sell these at Costco for a great price (which is great if you're new to Larabars), but if you want more variety I would buy them individually.
Each of these consists mainly of dates, some kind of nut, and often other fruits or spices (such as raisins, apples, unsweetened cherries, cloves, cinnamon, etc.). One of these though, Cashew Cookie, has only two ingredients, cashews and dates. Eating these will give you some much needed fiber and omegas! If you're a college student like me, or just busy with your job and life, you probably rely on bars to fuel you for the day when you do not have time otherwise. If this describes you, please read the label to that South Beach Diet bar before you eat it! I know some people are cool with eating High Fructose Corn Syrup or unpronounceable chemicals ingredients, but if not, Larabars are for you.

I was actually thinking about this, and I think that if they could come up with a carrot cake Larabar it could be quite delightful. Of course, I would probably eat a kale flavored bar if it said "Larabar" on it. Well, come to think about it, I bet that could be good.

Alright, I am done. I figured I should spend one post raving about Larabars that way in the future I don't feel the need to say "these are amazing" each time I post about eating one and can just go on with my life.

Good day, and Good Health,


  1. Oh my, you MUST try the Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar - it's epic!! :-)

    I was so incredibly touched by your comment on my blog - I get a lot of negative comments on my blog (which I reject so that no one else has to read such hurtful words), so your kindness means a great deal to me. Thank you so much!!

  2. I'm thinking I might have to order the Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar off of Amazon - I'm so curious!

    And that is so terrible that people would be so negative! It's so hard nowadays to be healthy and still have a healthy relationship with food, so I think that when people see someone who does they get extremely jealous. Anyway, I love reading your blog - without it I never would have discovered hemp protein powder or that it is possible to be vegan and not eat a bunch of highly processed foods to get nutrition!


  3. I need to try the keylime lara bars!! But I never see them at trader joes!!

  4. Now I'm really into THIS protein powder - I don't even use the hemp protein powder anymore, haha:

  5. Really? I'll have to try that out!