Monday, June 1, 2009

So after reading about meghann 's marathon, I was inspired to run.
I ran 30 minutes on the treadmill. I felt great!

I went to work and found myself hungry. I walked over the Whole Foods and got:
Half popped corn, one of my favorites. I had 1/3 a cup.

I also got grapes, and proceeded to eat half the bag.
These were by a sign that said "organic grapes." I was tricked into getting these non organic ones (I was going to get the organic green ones, but saw these were so much cheaper. Being an idiot, I didn't check why).

I also sampled a couple of cherries (unshown), and they were sampling organic strawberries, which tasted so good, I had to buy some [and immediately eat half of the container].
I also had about 1/4 a cup of organic unsweetened coconut from the bulk bins.

And then I found...
I have wanted to try these for so long, but they were so expensive. Guess what though, these were on sale (for 1.50 off per 6 pack). I got 3 packs. Not kidding.
Yes I know, first time trying them, I was taking a huge risk. However, I was quite pleased.
The only flavor they had left was root beer, and I used to love root beer so I managed. The taste? Sweet, and the company did a very good job hiding the "stevia" aftertaste (it is only slightly bitter, and a couple of sips into drinking it, I couldn't even taste it). It definitely does taste like a good rendition of root beer, and I will certainly buy these in the future. All in all, for a ZERO calorie all natural soda, I was estatic.

As promised, I had some of Kayleigh's bell peppers with pine nuts with nutritional yeast:
And then I had some pine nuts:
And a bunch of popcorn.

Now I am completely stuffed. Kayleigh rented Seven Pounds, and I just might fall asleep while I watch it with her.

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